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T class funds
Tax efficiency myth and structural risks
Bonds vs. bond funds
Needs, amount, fees drive decision
Bear market protectors
Past safe-havens may not repeat
Investing in bonds
Risk, tax status influence selection
Ignore bonds at your peril
Bonds stabilize, diversify
Coping with change
How to respond to manager changes
The future of income trust funds
Stand-alone trust funds may become extinct
Causes of underperformance not what they appear
Dilution trumps star-chasing
Are Canadian fees excessive?
Paper calls Canadian funds most expensive by far
Performance anxiety
Fee-only group calls for performance disclosure
Commission vs. fee-based vs. fee-only
Which advisory model is best?
Increased disclosure, decreased transparency
81-106 a step back on the transparency scale
Poor fund classifications
CIFSC missing the mark
Pension shortfall
Advisors should take a cue from Teachers
A longer-term report card
Past advice is evaluated
Information overload
While good, 81-106 requires too much
Three resolutions for your portfolio
Three ways to improve your investments in 2006
Year-end distributions
Tax planning and mutual funds
Product approval criteria
Strict rules may miss the mark
The Naked Investor
Good book proves everyone biased
A dividend fund with a twist
Less is better than more
Advisors should tighten up recommended funds
The future of DSC funds
New structure could benefit fund companies, advisors, and investors
My take on industry’s hot button issues
Fees, the value of advice, and other issues
Hocus crocus
Crocus failure should prompt greater disclosure
Are advisors to blame for Portus?
Outgoing OSC head slams advisors
Foreign content implications
Further impact of rule change
Foreign content limit scrapped
Change sparks questions
Alternative investments
Be careful with unregulated products
Déjà vu
1996 all over again?
Afterthoughts on market timing
More questions than answers
Fund companies settle
Restitution payments half of losses
Year-end distributions
Few funds plan fat payouts
Theoretical hedge fund risk
Look beyond actual and simulated performance
Full disclosure
Disclosure key to HNW market
Do the opposite
Investors should go foreign
Real return bonds
Recent interest a little late
Fund trading update
Little new information revealed
Bulked up bond funds
Equities boost bond fund returns
Fixed income solutions
Fees a critical factor
Bond funds are passé
Fat fees are high hurdle
Has indexing lost its lustre?
Cherry picking misleads
Labour fund moratorium
Ontario budget puts LSIFs on review
Proposed NI 81-107 needs work
IRCs lack real authority
DSCs on way out
Three reasons to reduce use of DSC funds
Nortel investors sideswiped - again
Many funds hold NT as it drops bomb
Not-so-Canadian equity funds
High prices, strong flows cause dilution
Do advisors fear F class units?
Delayed withdrawal from E*Trade suspicious
Managing capital losses
Last chance for carryback opportunity
Deductibility of advice fees
Tax deduction is sometimes overstated
Budget impact on trusts
Proposed changes impact some investors
Are fees for advice deductible?
Misconceptions remain
Active managers and ETFs
ETFs have important role for some
Product recommendations
Desire for advice has big impact
Judging the book and its cover
Product evaluation has two layers
Ontario shelves change
Take a pass on "capital repayment LSIFs"
Shunned Canadian funds
Two overlooked Canadian funds that deserve a look
Rate cut presents planning opportunity
Managing net worth is key
Fund sales rebound
Equity funds neglected
Money market bulge
Big cash balance won’t flow into stocks
Shelter of income trusts
Won’t always offer shelter from storm
CI as a trust
Growth and maturity don't mix
Clarington IPO
Reasons for advisors to be careful
Benchmarking problems
Canadian stock funds present challenge
Funds of funds
New voting rules are not investor-friendly
DSC Purchases
Three reasons why they may disappear
Implications of convergence
Both clients and advisors impacted
Sources of return
Performance insight
Mutual fund scandals
Is U.S. experience mirrored in Canada?
High yield bond funds
Varying mandates explains returns
Stock investing: academic evidence
Overconfidence, loss aversion dominate trading decisions
Stock investing
Most ill-equipped for stock picking
Tech stock update
A valuation check up
Risk and reward
Look at both sides of investment potential
What's advice worth?
The value of advice
Is this rally for real?
Hurdles remain
Currency effects
Case study
Net worth strategy in action
Big picture investing
Consider net worth when investing
Disclosing votes
Publicizing proxies controversial
Demographic trends
Aging population has implications
Clarifying bond risks
Rate changes don't affect all equally
Ontario Opportunity Bonds
Provincial tax break attractive
Manager mobility
Recent changes spark decisions
There is no free lunch
High yields have tradeoffs
Are U.S. funds really cheaper?
Myths and truths about fee differences
Quick war won't kick-start economy
1990s excesses still hanging around
Factor risks
Keep an eye on what impacts portfolio
Cash policy
Should fund managers stockpile cash?
The latest trends in labour funds
Guarantees come at a price
LSIF picks
Lack of transparency makes choice difficult
Taking your RRSP abroad
Top foreign picks for your RRSP
RRSP fund picks
Canadian funds to consider for your RRSP
Trust is key for planners
More trustworthy than plumbers and lawyers
Growing profits, shrinking prices
Profit growth not a guarantee of big price rise
Progress report
Evaluating this column's advice
Strategy update
Timely portfolio advice
Types of income trusts
Tax deferral not always a return of capital
Income trusts
IPO craze may raise quality questions
Want technology stocks?
Labour funds can feed hunger for tech stocks
What shapes yields?
Theories behind what impacts the shape of the yield curve
Smoke and Mirrors
Group plans lack clear disclosure on fees
Scrutinizing investments
Questions can help gain clarity
To halve and to hold
What to do with decimated tech investments
Redefining risk
Unrealistic expectations to blame for sentiment shift
Patience is a virtue
Fallen segregated funds hold promise
Do dividends matter?
Mainly income investors should care about dividends
Hedge Funds 4: Hedge funds in portfolios
Guidelines for hedge fund inclusion
Hedge Funds 3: Hedge fund returns
Past hedge returns: more than meets the eye
Hedge Funds 2: Hedge funds - some finer points
Structure and liquidity make for a tough fit
Hedge Funds 1: The long and short of hedge funds
Managers finding value amidst devastation
Following Bad News
Structure and liquidity make for a tough fit
Drawing an income
High withdrawals, volatility can deplete savings
Market malaise
Where do we go from here? 
Repairing Broken Trust
Self-regulation key to regaining trust 
Payouts Cut
Funds fail to clear distribution hurdle 
National Bank swallows Altamira
Acquisition signals Canadians' preference for advice 
AGF appoints new managers
Harris capable of filling big shoes 
Guided by the Market
Supply and demand key to manager's decisions 
Dynamic unitholders, exercise your rights
Investors urged to shoot down fee hike 
Reasons to Sell
Dumping a fund doesn't mean it's bad 
Why Buy?
Top reasons to buy a fund  
Too many funds a recipe for underperformance 
The Impact of Rates
Why do interest rates affect stocks? 
Value managers may protect against accounting tricks 
Star manager dumps AGF
Brandes to launch funds directly 
Upside of LSIFs
Labour funds in your portfolio
Labour Sponsored Funds
LSIFs carry big risks, with potential to match 
Mutual fund makeovers
Chronic underperformers are now worth a look 
Taxes and mutual funds
A guide to ensure proper tax reporting 
Portfolio positioning for '02
Consider small caps, overseas stocks, and hard assets

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