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Custom Fund & Stock Screens
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Mutual Fund Filters

Here are four custom Fund Filter searches that focus on isolating quality mutual funds. In general, we've screened out funds with a minimum investment greater than $25,000.

Note also that while finding quality funds is the main goal of these screens, the results simply provide a starting point for more research.

  • Staying the Course: Isolates funds whose performance consistency may help clients stay fully invested in order to meet their retirement goals
  • Buoyant Wealth Preservers: Isolates core equity, balanced and asset allocation funds that fared well during the recent bear market and have made near-term gains.
  • Well-Managed Bonds: Locates consistent fixed income funds that can stabilize and lift a portfolio of assets.
  • Stars and Stripes: Locates quality funds denominated in US dollars.
  • Top Performers: Lists the top 20 funds over eight time periods, including 15-years

Stock Filters

Value criteria such as low price-to-sales and high dividend yields are potential components of winning strategies. Quantitative analysts have also cited the power of strong near-term relative strength (above average percentage gains) in choosing mid-to-long term winners in the stock market. Our stock screens focus on the above criteria.

Value Gainers

Isolates stocks with value characteristics low book values, substantial revenue, positive earnings sorted by best 12-month return.

Yield Stars

Finds common stocks with above-average yields and positive one-year returns.

High-Yield Income Trust Gainers:

These unit trusts traded on the TSX have strong one-year returns and above-average dividend yields.

Intraday Gainers

Finds stocks of profitable companies trading above $5 that have risen during the latest trading day.

52-Week Gainers and Losers

Stocks that have hit their intra-year highs and intra-year lows within the past five trading days.